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HUFFPOST - Footsteps in Athens: What is Alysia Helming doing with Kostas Martakis in the streets of

August 1st 2018, by Emi Livaniou – Zisiopoulou​ View the article here

Meet Alysia Helming.

Alysia Helming is the author of the novel Protogenesis, the first of a promising self-titled series of novels, which already becamea best-selleron Amazon when it was first released as a self-published edition about a year ago and is now released in bookstores in America by Black Rose Writing and in Greece and Cyprus byLivanis publications.

Helming has no Greek background and had never been to Greece until 2014. Since then, when she started writing the story of Protogenesis she visited Greece over 19 times, and it has now become her personal mission to help Greece, through her writing and through the global publication of her book, by communicating a message of hope that will increase tourism interest in the country she came to love through her travels.

Apart from a writer, Alysia is the producer of the short films Footsteps in Athens. Watch the short films at

The author’s goal with the creation of these short films, which are hosted by Greek music star Kostas Martakis, was to spread the magic of Greece to the world by exploring specific parts of Athens and the wider area around Athens which are visited by the main heroes in the actual Protogenesis story.

The new projectshe is currently working in Hollywood on as co-producer and script writer, is a new TV series which has been inspired by the author’s real life story and the writing of the ProtogenesisBook Series and will be titled Meet Me in Greece. This series is going to be featured on a US television network and shooting will be set between Greece and the United States. The writer's activity through the writing of the book, as well as the creation of film productions that promote Greece internationally, has earned the love of Greek expatriates in the USA who support the events that promote the release of the 1stbook as well as the rest of the author’s activities with Protogenesis Media.

A series of events began in America under the auspices of Greek Consulates with the first city being San Francisco. The next cities to follow in the U.S. include New York and Los Angeles as well as Canada and Australia.

The first event held in San Francisco was attended by many notable Greek and American personalities among which the Greek consul of the city,AntoniosSgouropoulos, as well as key personalities of the San Francisco Greek Film Festival.

Among the attendees were also acclaimed dancers from the San Francisco Ballet Company which is one of the three top Ballet Companies in the world! Jennifer Stahl, a principal dancer of the San Francisco Ballet, collaborated with Protogenesis Media with a special dance appearance in the official music video of the book’s soundtrack, Forever and Tonight performed by Greek music star Kostas Martakis (the song’s music is written by Marios Psimopoulos and the lyrics by Vicky Gerotodorou).

Jennifer Stahl, principal dancer, The San Francisco Ballet Company

The successful event in San Francisco was followed by a very unique event in Athens which is this year's World Book Capital under the auspices of UNESCO. The Athenian event was held in collaboration with the publishing house Livaniswhich published the Greek version of the novel with Greek celebrity speakers the Platinum Awarded Greek singerKostas Martakis, the talented actress and Greek TV hostess Doretta Papadimitriou and the upcoming young Greek author Katrina Tsantali.

At the book events as well as at global conferences where Helming is invited to speak, the American writer explains how the story of Protogenesisunites, in a very original way, Greek mythology with science fiction, she talks about how the sources of her inspiration derive from the country of Greece, the Olympian gods and the Greek people, as well as her fascinating life story behind the writing of the book.

In an effort to promote Greece internationally through the Protogenesis Media projects the writer seeks to film part of her upcoming American television series in Greece.

She even discussed the issue of cinematography in Greece with the Secretary General for Digital Policy, LefterisKertsos, who works intensively for the implementation of structural changes in the industry of film production, distribution and consumption of audiovisual content in Greece.

The writer Alysia Helming at annual Los Angeles Greek Film Festival together with the Secretary General for Digital Policy, LefterisKertsos, the Greek Consul of Los Angeles, Gregory Karachalios, the Director of International Communication, Alexis Georgiadis, and Protogenesis Media's Communications Director, Sonia Rodiadis

Additional information about the author Alysia Helming:

Although her passion had always been writing, Alysia comes from a very different field of the renewable energy business. Helming is considered a ‘Clean Energy Guru’. She was the former CFO and now, is a majority investor/owner in Pristine Sun, a major solar independent power producer in the United States, which she co-founded with her husband Troy Helming. When she isn’t writing, Helming travels to Greece often to get inspiration and work on her writing research.

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