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Protogeneesis Worldwide e-book Launch


Alysia Helming hosted a cocktail party in Athens for the worldwide release of the Protogenesis e-book

December 13th 2016.

The worldwide launch of the Protogenesis e-book by Alysia Helming, the first out of seven books of the Protogena Chronicles™ series, was celebrated at an exclusive cocktail party in Athens, Greece.

Alysia Helming chose Athens, the pivotal setting of her novel’s story, for hosting this special event and to commemorate, alongside her Greek friends and collaborators, the official release of the Protogenesis e-book.

Guests from the Greek artistic and business worlds, as well as selected Greek media, had the opportunity to meet Alysia Helming in person and to talk with her about her intriguing story and her message of transformation and perseverance.

The party’s highlights were Kostas Martakis’ special guest appearance, performing for the first time the song “Forever and Tonight” that is featured in the Protogenesis book, as well as an exclusive teaser preview of the six short movies filmed in Athens, showcasing the main locations narrated in the Protogenesis novel.

Photos from the event are posted here.

The Protogenesis e-book with a new cover art designed by renowned artist Philip Tsiaras is now available for sale on Amazon Kindle worldwide.

Buy it now! Hard copy and paperback versions are also coming soon!


Alysia Helming is the author of Protogenesis, a young adult work of fiction set in Greece and the first book of seven in The Protogena Chronicles™ series. In addition to the book series, Alysia’s real life story, which led her to a series of visits to Greece, is full of intrigue and synchronicity. As a result, her personal mission through her writing is to help Greece by offering a message of hope and to drive tourism there. Find out more about Alysia at

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