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Exclusive on OK! Magazine – Cyprus

Article by Monica Papadopoulou Photos by Fidias Moiseos (Larnaka), Veselin Petrov (Pafos)

The well-known writer, Alysia Helming, is on her Greek Book Tour and made a stop in Cyprus to speak at the International Creative Women’s Conference! Alysia Helming’s first stop for her Protogenesis Greek Book Tour was in Cyprus, at the International Creative Women Conference, where she attended as a key speaker.

Photo: Alysia Helming, while leaving her hotel in Larnaca, Cyprus accompanied by her communication manager, Sonia Rodiadi.

But who is Alysia Helming? Alysia is the author of the novel Protogenesis, the first out of seven novel Book Series, which has already become a best seller on Amazon when it was first released as a self-published edition about one year ago. Protogenesisunites Greek Mythology and the Olympian Gods with science fiction!

Helming has no Greek heritage and up until 2014 she had never been to Greece. Ever since she began to write the Protogenesisstory she has visited Greece over 19 times. It is now one of the author’s life goals to help promote Greece to the world through her writing by communicating a message of hope though the global release of her books that will increase the interest in tourism in the country which she herself has come to love through her own writing research trips there. The book has also its own soundtrack titled Forever and Tonight, which is sang by platinum awarded Greek artist Kostas Martakis with music written by Marios Psimopoulos and lyrics by Vicky Gerothodorou, while the official music video of the song which was released recently includes clues of the Protogenesisnovel story. Apart from a writer, Alysia Helming is also the producer of the short film series Footsteps in Athens. The author’s goal with the creation of these short films, which are hosted by Greek music star Kostas Martakis, was to spread the magic of Greece to the world by exploring specific parts of Athens and the wider area around Athens which are visited by the main heroes in the actual Protogenesis story. OK! Magazine CY was at the International Creative Women Conference

The Creative Women Conference is an International Organization which was founded in order to motivate, inspire and connect creative female entrepreneurs from around the world to help them lead, start, and drive their businesses.The annual conference is designed to provide a networking platform for female leaders and entrepreneurs to think bigger for themselves and their businesses by expanding the creative mindset. It’s an opportunity to make lifelong connections, interact with stimulating masterminds, participate in discussions, work on your big vision, and learn real-world strategies and applications.This year the Creative Women Conference took place on May 4th at the Elysium five star, luxury spa hotel under the auspices of the First Lady of Cyprus, Mrs Andri Anastasiadi. Alysia Helming was among the conference’s high profile list of speakers made of exceptionally successful and well accomplished business women. Her best-selling novel Protogenesis is now also released in Greek by Livanis Publications. OK! Magazine spotted the author at the hotel where she was staying before she reached the destination of the conference in Pafos where she would be speaking. After the conference was completed, a special concert took place by famous Greek singer Kostas Martakis who is also the singer of the Protogenesisnovel soundtrack Forever and Tonight.

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