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August 1 2016. Alysia Helming, an American Novelist, partnered with Panik Entertainment Group Ltd, a major Greek record label, for the inclusion of an original song in Helming’s young adult fiction novel titled Protogenesis™, the first book of The Protogena Chronicles™ series. The entire series of seven books is set in modern-day Greece.

Alysia Helming and Panik Records joined forces to bring together the literary world with the music industry in an innovative and unique way: an original song was integrated into the writing of the novel’s story line, with selected lyrics appearing within several chapters.

Protogenesis™ is a story of the perseverance and metamorphosis of the human spirit, as told through the eyes of a teenage American girl, utilizing science fiction and romance to merge mythology from ancient Greece with the culture of modern-day Greece.

Through six visits to Athens within the span of a year, Alysia Helming was deeply inspired by the light and essence of Greece as she heard it through the sounds and emotions of modern Greek music, which greatly affected her writing. A source of creative inspiration for Alysia was a popular and well-known Greek music artist (a.k.a. the ‘Mystery Man’), who also inspired one of the main characters in the series.

Through her quest to discover an innovative way to integrate the ambient element of Greek culture and music into her novel, Panik, as a leading Greek record label, paired Alysia with her ‘Mystery Man’ who then collaborated with her to create this original song. During the writing of the lyrics, this ‘Mystery Man’ read some of Alysia’s poems, which inspired some of the lyrics to the song. The song was then integrated into portions of Protogenesis™.

More details and information regarding the revelation of the identity of the ‘Mystery Man’ from Panik Records and the plans for his original song will be disclosed this year in December upon the official launch of the e-book of Protogenesis™ by Alysia Helming – so stay tuned!


Panik Entertainment Group Ltd is a major Greek record label founded by CEO George Arsenakos and Paris Kasidokostas, sharing a large portion of the Greek music industry market, operating in digital and physical releases, artists’ management and public relations. In the past five years, Panik has developed a strong roster with over 50 artists active in a wide variety of Greek and International music genres.

Alysia Helming is the author of Protogenesis™, a young adult work of fiction set in Greece and the first book of seven in The Protogena Chronicles™ series. In addition to the book series, Alysia’s real life story, which led her to a series of visits to Greece, is full of intrigue and synchronicity. As a result, her personal mission through her writing is to help Greece by offering a message of hope and to drive tourism there. Find out more about Alysia at

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