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Collaboration between Artist Tsiaras and Alysia Helming

Celestial Myths – PRESS RELEASE

An Exhibition of Paintings by Philip Tsiaras in Collaboration with Alysia Helming, a new book Protogenesis™ inspired by Art, Music and the essence of Greece.

Blender Gallery and Kinari Design Studio hosted an exhibition of paintings, bronze sculptures and glass works of New York Artist Philip Tsiaras at the Westin Astir Palace Hotel in Athens, Greece on July 22, 2016.

Tsiaras’ works combine modern surrealist metaphors with unusual, tactile subjects: glass guns submerged in crystal, bronze heads that morph into horses, and now cylindrical paintings from the “Circle Of Life”. These circular paintings are a ten year exploration of the universality of the sphere, both planetary and earthly. In the “Circle of Life” Tsiaras attempts to reach the soul of the Universe, transported by ancient cultures, and tempered by an elegant Modernist language.

Alysia Helming’s new book, Protogenesis™, is inspired by the circular portals of Tsiaras, the mysticism of Greece even in crisis and the transcending feel of modern Greek music. Tsiara’s work, “Heart of the Imaginary Sun” will appear on the cover of Protogenesis™.

Set in Athens, Helming’s romantic fascination with Greece and its culture results in Protogenesis™ the first of a seven Book Young Adult Series (The Protogena Chronicles™) where fiction meets reality through the myths of ancient Greece and abound with a Sci Fi twist.

This is a story of the perseverance and metamorphosis of the human spirit, as told through the eyes of a 17 year old American girl, as it explores and interweaves political, social, technology and environmental issues from the old to the new, the past to the present, the ancient to the modern world.

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