Protogenesis Novel Becomes Best-Seller

Alysia Helming’s debut novel, ‘Protogenesis’ offers a completely unique story, where ancient gods and science fiction unite with an American girl in modern Greece Author Alysia Helming’s debut novel, Protogenesis—the first installment in a seven-novel YA series, the “Protogena Chronicles”— hit number one on Amazon in its category, in less than a month after its release. Protogenesis chronicles the story of a young girl, Helene, whose entire life is uprooted upon her mother’s sudden, tragic disappearance. Helene moves to Greece to live with a godfather she has never met with a mission to investigate her mother’s mysterious disappearance, which she believes involves the Greek mafia. There, she

Alysia Helming in CELEBRITY Magazine Greece

Full length interview with Alysia Helming – Novelist Celebrity magazine, January 2017 Journalist: Zoe Micha Twilight “meets” Greek mythology, only instead of vampires, the heroes are ancient Gods with a touch of science fiction. In her interview for Celebrity magazine, Alysia Helming tells us all about her debut book series “Protogena Chronicles”, the surprise collaboration with Greek music star Kostas Martakis and Panik Entertainment, as well as all the reasons why she loves our country so much. Tell us a little about your novel, Protogenesis. One American girl, one love triangle, one loss, one quest, bridging modern Greece with ancient mythology, all with a fresh and exciting sci-fi twi

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