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Protogenesis: Before the Beginning

Upon the tragic loss of her mother, an American teenage girl is uprooted to move across the world to Athens, Greece in the midst of the financial crisis where she must learn to survive a new school, a different culture, and the highs and lows of new love. 

But something isn't right. A series of clues lead Helene to believe that her mother is still alive. She begins the perilous quest in Greece to solve this mystery and find her mother.

Through this journey, she discovers a 'magical' doorway that opens her eyes to a new and dangerous place - one that leads back to the deepest roots of modern civilization and Greek mythology - but nothing is as it seems. Or is it?

“…a thrilling story full of plot twists and turns…”

Children’s Book Review 

"I love strong women and Helene embodies that. This book is a great reminder to dream deep.”

–Whitney Reynolds, Host/ EP The Whitney Reynolds Show on PBS

"Forever & Tonight"


Official Music Video of the Protogenesis theme song performed by Kostas Martakis

"Footsteps in Athens"

Official Teaser Video for short film inspired by the best-selling novel Protogenesis & hosted by Greek music star Kostas Martakis.


The Author: Alysia Helming

CEO, Business Strategist, Clean Energy Pioneer, Bestselling Author, TV & Film Producer

Alysia Helming has 25+ years’ experience, including CFO and Board Director for four successful companies, and a leading management consultant providing Interim CEO/CFO, as well as finance and business strategy advisory services, to CFOs & CEOs for Fortune 50, mid-sized and early stage companies, including Jacuzzi, Bushnell, Wells Fargo, Hallmark Cards, DST Systems and Exelon. 

Currently, Ms Helming manages Green Reach Inc, a diversified holding company and Protogenesis Media, Inc, an entertainment company and producer of short films, music, books, jewelry and TV series.

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