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Helene Crawford

American, Age 17

Former ballerina and California girl abruptly moves to live in one of the worst neighborhoods in Athens with her Godfather Janus, a crazy Greek medicine man, after hearing the news that her mother has just died. Helene is convinced that her mother, Diana, is still alive and it is her mission to find her.  It is a mystery who her father is.

She’s been filled with angst since her future in ballet, the true love of her life, ended after she injured her Achilles tendon two years ago.  A little rebellious, she has a tattoo, belly ring and loves fast food. She is very independent, feisty and strong willed, and loves to read, especially mythology.   Upon starting school at Athens International Academy, she is drawn to boys, particularly the boy-she-loves-to-hate, Ever, and finds a friend in her sweet, but extremely destitute Greek next door neighbor, Nick.

Ever Sarantos

Greek, Age 18

Super golden boy, Ever attends the Athens International Academy, excelling at all sports, but primarily basketball, volleyball, fencing and Greek martial art pankration. He is also the lead singer in his school rock band.  Usually accompanied by Barbie-from-Hell girlfriend (Samantha), he can charm his way into dating any girl or getting the upper hand in almost any situation. That is, until he meets Helene and is blown away by her.  She ‘gets’ him in a way that doesn’t seem possible and throws him off his usual game.

Underneath it all, Ever reveals a deep, sensitive side and sweet humility, which he admits comes from his Australian mother. While it takes him a while to commit, once he decides to do so, he is fiercely loyal. He is constantly at odds with his Dad (Georgios Sarantos) whom he feels is trying to push him into the family business. His father is the infamous billionaire and leader of Greek Black Market underground organization called the Syndicate.

Nick Angelou

Greek, Age 19

Nikos “Nick”  lives in the lower income apartment building next door to Helene in the Metaxourgeio district of Athens, a bit of a loner who had to drop out of school to work as a group tour guide in Athens to pay for his family to live since the downturn in the economy.  He has multiple tattoos on the top of his right arm, has an earring in his left ear and is a body builder… your ultimate rebel, but he has to dress in a white group tour guide shirt and pressed khakis every day for work. He leads mainly groups of tourists from cruise ships to the Parthenon or the Temple of Poseidon.

Nick comes from an extremely traditional Greek orthodox family and is set on marrying a nice Greek girl when the time is right. Until then, he’s not so selective about shorter term girlfriends, but this leaves his relationship with Helene uncertain and ambiguous.

When Helene moves to Athens, he becomes her first real friend, showing her the sights of Athens.  They quickly become close.  Nick  and Ever have an interesting past as they used to know each other back when Nick attended the Athens International Academy.

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