Vicky Kubota<br>Lawrence, Kansas

"Greece, diverse characters, tension, the unexpected, mythology, a heroine and a love story...a truly entertaining read that I'd love to see on screen".

Petrita Lipkin<br>Los Altos, California

"Alysia Helming appeals to the adolescent set by bringing us a quick paced magical ride with vivid writing and artful depictions of a scary and dangerous Greek mythological world".

The Greek Mystery Man #BlogSix #AlysiaHelming #RealLifeStory

By the time we arrived at our hotel, my mind was spinning with excitement at my imagined ‘game’ and eager to learn more about this Mystery Man. I immediately broke all of my rules about not learning more about the real life people who inspired my characters, and went to Google, entering in the key words that I had used many months ago to find his picture in the first place... “dark hair, blue eyes male, actor or model...” But no luck...his picture was nowhere! I didn’t know his name because the banners that I just saw were all in Greek, and Nikos the driver did not bother to tell me either. The curiosity about him was eating at me. I had to know more about him! So, I went down to the lobby o

Terry Jagow<br>Kansas City, Missouri

"Just finished this great read! Thank you Alysia Helming for taking me to Greece via this intriguing book. I look forward to my next vicarious visit!!"

Phyllis Cohen<br>Los Angeles, California

“I thoroughly enjoyed PROTOGENESIS by Alysia Helming! The story & characters are intriguing and captivating. The setting is perfect, bringing back fond memories of my trip to Athens years ago. The book has a nice blend of romance, excitement, mystery, mythology, and the supernatural. I highly recommend it!”

Lisa Furia<br>San Rafael, California

“From the second I started reading, I was captivated! From the characters to the location of the story, I was transported there. I had a hard time putting this book down and am looking forward to the next book to see what happens.”

Take me to Greece #BlogFive #AlysiaHelming #RealLifeStory

During the Summer of 2015, I was totally inspired and every day, I woke up with an important mission: write Protogenesis. In order to maintain consistency with my descriptions of the characters while I wrote, I followed a technique that I learned from screenwriting which was to use Google to randomly search and select one photo for each character from the internet that represented to me a visual snapshot of not only the “look” of the character, but also the “feeling” that I got from that particular photo. After some deliberation with Hannah, I finally settled on my ‘dream cast’ of characters. These photos included some well-known celebrities, as well as some that I had never heard of before.

Music to my ... Writing

August 1 2016. Alysia Helming, an American Novelist, partnered with Panik Entertainment Group Ltd, a major Greek record label, for the inclusion of an original song in Helming’s young adult fiction novel titled Protogenesis™, the first book of The Protogena Chronicles™ series. The entire series of seven books is set in modern-day Greece. Alysia Helming and Panik Records joined forces to bring together the literary world with the music industry in an innovative and unique way: an original song was integrated into the writing of the novel’s story line, with selected lyrics appearing within several chapters. Protogenesis™ is a story of the perseverance and metamorphosis of the human spirit, as

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