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The Protogenesis Novel & Book Theme Song Release Events. From the city of San Francisco to the c

The publication of the Protogenesis Novel by American best-selling author Alysia Helming as well as the release of the official book soundtrack Forever and Tonight by platinum awarded Greek music star Kostas Martakis was celebrated in the United States and in Greece as a special international collaboration which bridges Greek and American cultures!

Photo: Novelist, producer, entrepreneur Alysia Helming & Platinum Awarded Greek Music Star Kostas Martakis

Photo: The US edition of Protogenesis: Before the Beginning Photo: The Greek edition of Protogenesis: Πριν Από τηνΑρχή April 10th, 2018 was a day of celebration for the global release of Protogenesis: Before the Beginning,the 1st novel in a 7-book series, an Amazon best-selling fantasy novel which merges Greek Mythology with science fiction and which was published in US bookstores by Black Rose Writing. Along with the novel came the global release of the official book theme song and music video Forever and Tonight, distributed by 3.14 Records.

The event took place in the author’s home city, San Francisco, and featured special guest Principal Dancer for the San Francisco Ballet, Jennifer Stahl, who was a key consultant for the book and who appears in the Forever and Tonight music video.

Photo: Jennifer Stahl, Principal Dancer of the San Francisco Ballet & best-selling author Alysia Helming Later on, a special surprise appearance was made via live link straight from Athens, Greece by Greek Music Star Kostas Martakis who collaborated with Alysia Helming not only in the creation of the Protogenesis theme song but also in the creation of the short film series inspired by the book, Footsteps in Athens. The event of which the proceeds were donated to the San Francisco Greek Film Festival was attended by many influential Greeks in the US who embrace and support the unique Protogenesis Media projects. Among them where the San Francisco Consul General of Greece, Antonios Sgouropoulos and key personalities fromthe San Francisco Greek Film Festival.

Photo: The San Francisco Consul General of Greece, Antonios Sgouropoulos

Photo: Author Alysia Helming with the San Francisco Consul General of Greece, Antonios Sgouropoulos and his wife Tamara Sgouropoulos

Photo (from left to right):Dimitri Charalambous, Maria Nicolacakis, Cara Skourtis, KleonSkourtis, Tatiana Drakakis,Pat Aleck

Following the US Release Celebration, the next big stop was the city of Athens, the UNESCO World Book Capital for 2018! On May 10th 2018, Athens celebrated the publication of the Greek edition of Protogenesis by Livanis, one of the biggest Greek publishing houses, as well as the global release of the official book theme song Forever and Tonight by 3.14 Records.

Photo: The Publisher, Mrs Giota Livani, Alysia Helming, Kostas Martakis

American novelist Alysia Helming discussed about the story of Protogenesis and how Greece, the Greek people and the Olympian Gods became a source of inspiration for her and also talked about her exciting real life story behind the writing of the book.

Photo: Best-selling author Alysia Helming

Greek music star Kostas Martakis shared his experience from this unique international collaboration with author Alysia Helming in the creation of the book soundtrack as well as the short-films inspired by the book. Acclaimed Greek actress and TV hostess, Doretta Papadimitriou and young children’s book author Katrina Tsantali where key speakers at the event, while various influential personalities from the Greek entertainment industry, such as renown Greek actor and author Manos Gavras, composer Marios Psimopoulos, lyricist Vicky Gerothodorou and more, where there to congratulate Alysia Helming and Kostas Martakis for the release of the Novel and Book Soundtrack.

Photo: Alysia Helming, Doretta Papadimitriou, Katrina Tsantali, Kostas Martakis

Photo: Author Alysia Helming, Actor and Author Manos Gavras

Both the US and the Greek event featured a signature Protogenesis Elixir cocktail made by the Greek Celebrity Chef Giorgos Tsoulis and inspired by the story of Protogenesis.

Photo: Author Alysia Helming, Greek Chef Giorgos Tsoulis

Photo (from right to left): Composer of book theme song Marios Psimopoulos, Kostas Martakis, Alysia Helming, Doretta Papadimitriou, Katrina Tsantali

Photo: Author Alysia Helming, lyricist of book theme song Vicky Gerothodorou

Photo: Lyricist Romy Papadea, Alysia Helming

Click here to buy the English or Greek version of Protogenesis: Before the Beginning

Click here to download the book theme song & to watch the official Forever and Tonight music video!

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