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Protogenesis Jewelry by Anatol

Designer Rouli and jewelry maker Peter produced fine jewellery for exclusive customers until they opened their doors to the public of Athens with a store in Kifissia back in 1992. With Peters attention to detail and Rouli’s love and care for each customer, Anatol soon became a must jewellery store for every occasion: both high end silver jewellery with semiprecious stones as well as timeless gold and diamond pieces, including their own Anatol Mainstream Collection, which is now also sold to other stores around the world. ​

Having worked at Anatol from a very young age and with the jewelry business running in his veins, Evan is the new generation to Rouli’s & Peter’s success story. Following his studies, he begun by taking Anatol and modernizing it, attracting a younger clientele and bringing in a fresh young energy to the stores. He created the Evans Collection with an inspiration that speaks to his heart and hopes to share a part of who he is with the world, through his work. ​

While reading Protogenesis, Evan became so enchanted with the story and the unique way that the mythical elements tie in with modern, real life that it was only a matter of time before the Protogenesis Jewelry Line was created.

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