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August 30, 2016

So how does one go about creating a seven book novel series? It’s a daunting task! You just read the ‘Birth’ of how this series came about from Hannah’s blog. While there have been many ups and downs in this writing journey, the one thing that has kept me going is a fe...

August 15, 2016

When I finished reading my Aunt’s new story outline, I have to say that I was completely disappointed. This wasn’t my story!! The work that she had done was nothing like what I had in mind.  I felt as if she had just taken my idea and twisted it into a foreign stranger...

August 10, 2016

My Aunt Alysia has been a key part of my life and a great source of inspiration and encouragement for me.  Our wonderful connection and understanding of each other began at a very young age.  From the time I was born and on, she has been a doting aunt and has always be...

August 5, 2016

In the beginning…once upon a time… 

Ummm, okay, where to start? 

I’m a story teller.  I make stuff up for a living. That’s my job now.  Thank God, because with my story telling ‘gifts’, my career choices were limited to 1) con artist, 2) politician, 3) fiction writer, 4)...

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