Exclusive on OK! Magazine – Cyprus

Article by Monica Papadopoulou Photos by Fidias Moiseos (Larnaka), Veselin Petrov (Pafos) The well-known writer, Alysia Helming, is on her Greek Book Tour and made a stop in Cyprus to speak at the International Creative Women’s Conference! Alysia Helming’s first stop for her Protogenesis Greek Book Tour was in Cyprus, at the International Creative Women Conference, where she attended as a key speaker. But who is Alysia Helming? Alysia is the author of the novel Protogenesis, the first out of seven novel Book Series, which has already become a best seller on Amazon when it was first released as a self-published edition about one year ago. Protogenesisunites Greek Mythology and the Oly

The Protogenesis Novel & Book Theme Song Release Events. From the city of San Francisco to the c

The publication of the Protogenesis Novel by American best-selling author Alysia Helming as well as the release of the official book soundtrack Forever and Tonight by platinum awarded Greek music star Kostas Martakis was celebrated in the United States and in Greece as a special international collaboration which bridges Greek and American cultures! Photo: Novelist, producer, entrepreneur Alysia Helming & Platinum Awarded Greek Music Star Kostas Martakis Photo: The US edition of Protogenesis: Before the Beginning Photo: The Greek edition of Protogenesis: Πριν Από τηνΑρχή April 10th, 2018 was a day of celebration for the global release of Protogenesis: Before the Beginning,the 1st novel in a

Alysia Helming speaker at the International Creative Women Conference

The Creative Women Conference has been set up to support female entrepreneurs from around the world who crave a deeper connection, rich content from lead speakers, forward-thinking conversations, and hands-on workshops. Visit creativewomen.com for more info. Alysia Helming and Olga Balakleets, CEO of Creative Women Conference Alysia Helming and Greek music star Kostas Martakis

Alysia Helming (She-eo) speaker at the Eureka Fest 2018

On April 28th Alysia Helming was (She-eo) speaker at the biggest startup festival in Orange County, #EurekaFest2018! Topic of discussion: Her transition from a corporate career as CFO to now being CEO of the self-made entertainment empire #ProtogenesisMedia! Alysia Helming speaking at the Eureka Fest panel Alysia Helming with Princess Tatiana and Peter Polydor, Founder & CEO of Ergo Capital

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