Almost a wind farm, but… #BlogNine #AlysiaHelming #RealLifeStory

“If you can dream it, do it.” – Walt Disney When my son was two years old and we lived in Orange County, California, I purchased season tickets to Disneyland, and we visited the park regularly every week. Everyone thought I was going for my son. While he most certainly enjoyed the Disney experience, I secretly cherished going where I could escape from real life to a fantastic magical world. A place where all dreams can true. Of course, to achieve any dream, it requires a lot of hard work. Even at Disneyland, you must stand in a very long line with many restless children to go on the exciting roller coaster. Even there, reaching the dream isn’t easy. Fifteen years ago, my husband, Troy Hel

Almost Climbed a Mountain, but… #BlogEight #AlysiaHelming #RealLifeStory

My life sometimes feels like it has been a series of “I almost made it, but…” moments. These times were rife with ‘obstacles’, which at the time when I was going through it, felt negative, impossible or horribly disappointing to me… definitely not the ‘gifts’ that I know them to be now. There were four defining “almost, but…” moments that had a major influence on the Protogenesis book series: “Almost Climbed a Mountain, but…” “Almost a Ballerina, but…” “Almost a Wind Farm, but…” “Almost a Writer, but…” Without these experiences, this series would be dull and the characters’ hollow, and I would not have the perseverance and dedication that it takes to push through the difficult times to finis

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