Alysia Helming in People Magazine Greece

​​Interview with Alysia Helming - Novelist People Magazine, May 2017 Journalist: Deppie Kourellou, Photographer: Spiros Hamalis ALYSIA HELMING The American novelist who fell in love with Greece and its history; and inspired by Greek mythology, she developed a series of seven epic novels set in modern-day Athens, with the movies in the works. Through a journey of coincidences and self-discovery, Alysia Helming explains how she got to know Greek culture, why she loves the Athenians and how Kostas Martakis helped with her writing of the Protogenesis novel. Helene Crawford is not a typical American teenager. She enjoys reading and is fascinated by Greek mythology. At the same time, her mother, t

Short Film Series Inspired by Best-Selling Novel Invites Viewers to Travel to Modern Greece and Beyo

“Footsteps in Athens” short films by PROTOGENESIS MEDIA, which explore incredible Greek locales, premiered on Alysia Helming’s official website together with an exclusive Jewelry collection by ANATOL, the “Protogenesis Jewelry Line”! Watch the Footsteps in Athens short-films here! The Novel In Protogenesis, fiction and ancient mythology converge in modern-day Greece. The novel follows Helene, an American teenage girl whose entire life is thrown into disarray when her mother suddenly disappears. She moves to Greece to live with a relative and must navigate how to fit into her new life and transform into the powerful woman she really is. While investigating her mother’s disappearance, Helene d

Protogenesis Jewelry by Anatol

Designer Rouli and jewelry maker Peter produced fine jewellery for exclusive customers until they opened their doors to the public of Athens with a store in Kifissia back in 1992. With Peters attention to detail and Rouli’s love and care for each customer, Anatol soon became a must jewellery store for every occasion: both high end silver jewellery with semiprecious stones as well as timeless gold and diamond pieces, including their own Anatol Mainstream Collection, which is now also sold to other stores around the world. ​ Having worked at Anatol from a very young age and with the jewelry business running in his veins, Evan is the new generation to Rouli’s & Peter’s success story. Following

Alysia Helming: The amazing story of the American novelist who came to love Greece and was inspired

Alysia Helming is an American novelist and although she has no Greek origin, through the writing of her debut book series Protogenesis, she has come to love Greece and has gained inspiration from the country’s natural beauty and culture. For her writing, Alysia researched the Greek culture and the Greek mythology which had been an inspiration to her. Up until 2014, Alysia had never traveled to Greece. Since then, she has visited Greece 10 times. On one of her random google searches, while she was looking for pictures of faces to gain inspiration for one of her main book characters she came across a picture of Greek music star Kostas Martakis! The singer who had the looks of a “Greek god” imp

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