Alysia Helming Interviewed by Greek TV on her Debut Best-Seller “Protogenesis” | Ft. Interview with

On her trip to Thessaloniki to watch Greek music star Kostas Martakis performing live, novelist Alysia Helming was interviewed by Greek TV Journalist and blogger of, Christos Giaskoulidis on her debut best-selling novel “Protogenesis”, as well as her real-life stories behind the writing of her book and her research trips to Greece. Featuring interview with Greek music star Kostas Martakis on his collaboration with Alysia Helming on “Protogenesis”. Watch the full-length interview here.

"Gift" from a Greek Star #BlogSeven #AlysiaHelming #RealLifeStory

“I felt so nice that this American writer chose me to inspire her character that I wanted to do something special for her and the book. Something extraordinary.” - Kostas Martakis, Greek Star (Artist, Singer, Actor, Model) When I finally met Greek Star, Kostas Martakis, I knew there was something special about him. He has this warm, charismatic energy that makes it easy for me to see why so many people in Greece love him. Even though he is a big celebrity, ridiculously attractive and frequently in the press, Kostas is not above ordering the coffee for us during a business meeting or personally selecting the exact fish we will eat at dinner. He’s a genuinely good person. After meeting him

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